Make a difference together: Namics Belgrade and Kliker Center united for children in need

Last year, we decided not to buy Christmas gifts for our customers, but to donate the amount. Our customers had the chance to choose between three projects and thus personally decide who to support with „their gift“. All projects are related to the digital world and Namics. One project comes from Switzerland, one from Belgrade and one from Germany.


Kliker Blogpost


In this Blog post we introduce you the Serbian project:

“And we’re off! Our Namics Belgrade & Kliker Center co-founded project has officially begun. The first group of children has begun the informatics course that we designed especially for them, and new groups will begin every 11 weeks through the end of 2017.

The Belgrade office decided to team up with the Kliker Center for Creative Thinking with the needs of underprivileged children in mind. Even 79% children in Serbia will at minimum have used a PC by the time they’re 7. But the majority of orphans and children from low income homes will start their education with a handicap in this area.

Our project is customized to introduce children to the world of computing by teaching them the basics of website creation. Depending on the age group, we’ll show them how to create content based sites around their favorite musicians, athletes or their schools. We’ll also teach them how to create & play basic computer games, and then challenge them to use their creativity to explore further and come up with new ideas and worlds beyond existing games.

Though we originally planned the course to be a Christmas gift to the community in which we work, while developing it we realized that we could play Santa during the whole year by offering back to back group courses throughout 2017, educating more than 50 students. We’re happy to spread our passion for informatics and to inspire imagination and critical thinking in so many children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to explore the field of informatics.

The first of our seven groups started on Sunday. Kliker’s lecturer prepared a web programing lesson plan adapted to their age. The smiles we saw during and after the class speak for themselves. From the beginning the students listened attentively to their teachers, diligently completing tasks and asking questions.

One of our lectures with the children (Source: Namics)

In the next months we’ll continue to prepare customised lessons according to each age group, level and interest. It is our aim to open up a new world of opportunities for critical thinking and creativity and inspire positivity and self-confidence in the children who attend the courses.”

For those of you who have not watched the video of our christmas project so far:

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