We were at Kopaonik…and it was AWESOME!

Chapter I: „Kopaonik 


Once upon a time, Belgrade’s young and prospective group hit their first joint journey in New Year.

Location: Kopaonik

Occasion: Ski weekend (officially)

People who are more experienced in winter sports, and who still had few days left from the vacation, traveled first. They have had a task: make sure that the slopes are fine, beer at bar fresh and pool at the Spa warm enough. The rest of us were finishing our daily tasks and counting down days before the journey. Meanwhile, the Kopaonik Hangout group was born. The first results from the Expert group were post:

Expert Group on TopExpert Group in Actionspa

** the Expert group on their tasks: Check slopes, beer (ignore those hot chocolates on the table) and Spa ***

The D day has come! The rest of us were at our ski jackets, fully equipped sweating at 11 degree waiting for a Jumbo Travel’s mini-bus to pick us up.
For Namics new faces (like this blog author), presence of our COO on our Ski-weekend trip brought some worries and questions. All those things vanished, as soon as Marija brought her Viljamovka (type of rakija) out and our COO took a first sip.

Bus crew
*** the rest of the group before eating their sandwiches ***

After 6.5 hours we switched our Spring weather in Belgrade with the Winter one at Kop. We have reached our destination. Kraljevi čardaci was ours!

We have left our bags at rooms, grab some dinner and join our  expert  group at  pub  pub.

After many Jäger shots, liters of beer, great music, lot of dance moves and tons of laugh someone thought it was good idea to spice everything up with rakija and tequila. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger  was applicable in our case as well as we were all set up on Ski slopes early morning ready to show our skills (we skipped the breakfast, because of obvious reasons (tongue) ).


***  Reunion with our Expert Group at the top ***

Ski Heroes Ski Heroes 2 Ski Heroes 3

*** Ski Heroes at the top of the world ***

Chapter II: “ Namics.People stories in real life

If you’ve heard about Namics, you know Namics is all about people.

Hierarchy at Namics

*** hierarchy at Namics company ***

Real stories through real adventures

Alone at the middle of slope, near tears, angry because she is not that good enough in skiing, young and handsome colleague has drop off her skies when her colleague came and encourage and supporting her to ski on by the end of the slope. Happy that she finally succeed, after two more downhills she was skiing like a pro!

Another handsome colleague (I won’t say it was Mina) was brave enough to take in ski-adventure at black slope encouruged and supported by the other colleague.

At our returning trip, another adventure was waited for us!

Ice on roads, snowing like someone left flakes from sink, roads closed because of lot of cars stuck in snow, our driver needed help to put chains on tyres on.

The driver was frightened but not the Namics.People team.

Brave and united, as we are, we have accomplished this task as well. The part of team was moving the stucked cars along the road, the other part were putting the chains on, the rest were helping everyone who asked for help we were like some geek Power Rangers team!

Heroes On Icenamics_heroes

*** Namics superheroes in action ***

Chapter III: „The End or the New Begining?“

Namics crew NamicsCrew2

 ***  Namics.People in real life ***

After 8.5 hours we finnaly reached our beds at home, sadly we are splitting out after the weekend lot of adventures and fun.

We are back now to our daily routine but more united and stronger dealing with new challanges and adventures like we dealed back then on the road.

Until our next meetup …


Namics girl

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